Instant Memories at the Finish Line

Athlinks is a record keeping, RFID tracking and live race scoring engine serving over 100 million competitive endurance athletes globally and is the hardware and software provider for more marathons in the country than any other brand. Halo has been working with the Athlinks & Chronotrack services since 2014 and have developed several physical computing projects centered around integrations with the platform. So when Athlinks invited Halo to their in-house 2019 Hackfest, we were delighted to accept the challenge of creating an all new digital experience from the ground up for a platform we have grown to know and love so well.

Halo sought to create an all new experience that was both celebratory, engaging and immediate. To do so, we would need to connect several disparate systems including our own home-grown image recognition service and Athlinks APIs in order to create a visual celebration that was ready for the athlete upon crossing the finish line. Where the industry typically delivers a stale photo 4-5 days later, we wanted to prove we could deliver a quality artifact (and an instant memory) to racers within seconds of crossing the finish line.




Halo Rose to the Challenge

Our team proved that not only could we create an all new celebratory experience via a personalized digital wall, we could do so within 5 seconds.


  • Personalized Photo Wall

    Replacing the typical step-and-repeat logo wall with a fully personalized Digital representation of photos, results and videos.

  • Photo Tagging

    A 2.5 second identification leveraging timing data and visual data to achieve an 88% accuracy rate in identification.

  • Personalized Watermarks

    Fully personalized stats overlaid across media for each athlete to celebrate and socially share their personal victories.