Meet Warren, The Virtual Assistant of Tomorrow, Today!

The Warren Project is Mercer Global’s conceptual experimental virtual agent, designed from scratch to support consultant activities and workflows based on client, organizational and personal context. This AI-powered application, affectionately known as “Warren”, unifies voice, chat and text into a single user interface and synthesizes vast data sets to identify trends and generate insights, supporting sales activity and delighting clients in “moments that matter”.

Warren features technologies including speech recognition, natural language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Generation (NLG) to enable voice, chat and on-screen experiences through a single app.




From Hi-Fi Proof-of-Concept to Shipping Product in One Fell Swoop

Leveraging a streamlined native application SDLC enabled by the Ionic framework, Halo designed and developed the user interface for the mobile app after partnering with Mercer Global staff to develop the user experience strategy and elements of its core interaction model at the onset of the project, resulting in a high-fidelity proof of concept app with UI and front end code ready to ship upon completion of the service layer.

Just a few of the things Warren will do:

  • Forage and organize client information from a range of internal and external sources; action E.g. request client revenue data via voice or text.

  • React to client, organizational and user context to prompt action and display information. E.g. environmental factors like news, location, upcoming appointments as well as client data.

  • Synthesize client data to suggest new business development and upsell opportunities. E.g. “Clients like Acme spend on average $2M a year across these 3 products…”

  • Observe sets of data, recognize patterns, change or “learn” – based on output and input. E.g. Improve relevance and accuracy of insights and nudges over time.”

  • Assist employees in navigating their pay, leave and benefit options. E.g. integrations with Workday to access leave accrued, tax prep documents, etc.